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Small Black and White Designs Satin Curve Vase by Vicki Gardner
Small White Carved Curve Vase by Vicki Gardner
Curved pot with black top and raku bottom
Small White Top and Raku Copper Curve Vase by Vicki Gardner



Slippery, liquidy, water drop curves.


There are many types of curves: wavy, full, restrained, bent, and looped. The bent curve combines curves and straight lines. Gentle and forceful at the same time.  Curves remind us of trees, rivers, hills, people, and raindrops. 


Curves in clay are extremely nuanced.  They look simple but  are deceptively difficult to throw. They mirror the state of the potter. Holding back makes a timid pot - too little contrast between the curves. Going too aggressively for the big curve can crash a pot - the laws of physics play no favorites. An awkward discontinuation or sudden unnatural variation in the curve, detract from it's statement.


So why even obsess over the perfect curve? The journey is priceless, regardless of the results.

Nature does it best. I am but a grasshopper, still learning. I just keep trying, and trying, for the ever illusive perfect curve.



Small white crackle pot with black top
Small Black Top and Raku Copper Curve Vase by Vicki Gardner

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