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Parallel Lines - Handmade original pottery designs and clay creations for the modern home

Parallel Lines


They're black, white, and sometimes more.

These vessels begin and end like many others, thrown with porcelain or stoneware clay, and fired with a clear glaze. 

But somewhere in the middle, I carve the clay out from the surface, and darken what is left, coaxing the lines to make a 3D reference different than the curves they wrap around.

When it works out right, the lines interract to create something recognizable. Maybe a hand, some fingers, an eye. When it doesn't work, it's still an interesting interaction between positive and negative space. Sometimes people see images I never intended.

If you could hear these pots sing, they wouldn't be the chorus. They are all one of a kind and prefer to be the main attraction in any contemporary room.

Pottery Vase 3 Black and White
Pottery Vase 6 Black and White
Pottery Vase 2 Black and White
Pottery Vase 5 Black and White
Pottery Vase 4 Black and White

Vicki Gardner Pottery

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Vicki Gardner Pottery - Handmade original designer pottery for the modern home. Vases, bowls, platters, jewelery holders, and sculptures.

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